Industrial Scientific
Our Mission: Preserving human life on, above and below the earth. Delivering the highest quality, best customer service””every transaction, every time. Our Vision: Industrial Scientific people are dedicating their careers to ending death on the job by the year 2050. Our Way: Humble, hungry and smart. Seek truth; speak truth. Serving others is our greatest joy. Industrial Scientific designs and manufactures gas detection products that protect workers from hazardous conditions around the world. Since our beginnings in 1985, we have pioneered numerous technologies, including the first 3-gas detector, 6-gas detector, wireless gas detector, and even the first gas detector to be included on a NASA space shuttle. Today, we continue to innovate and expand our hardware offerings to equip the connected workers of the future. Our latest solutions make it possible to see and respond to hazards in real time, bringing us one step closer to our vision of ending death on the job.