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Job Market Silver Lining

We’re off to the races as our procurement and supply chain job boards are now brimming with opportunities. The response from our practitioners has been favorable and often, why wasn’t this already available in the marketplace? To which we say, better late than never. The silver lining from the ISM PMI Manufacturing July numbers was a much needed shot in the arm. It showed two successive months of expansion with a 54.2 number. 

Basically means that production and new orders and even backlog numbers are beginning to rise. Anything over 50 on the PMI is a good number as it depicts growth. The PMI is also a leading indicator both on the way in and out. So if we keep this positive trend going, it’ll mean we are on the right path - slowly but surely.

After the dreadful Q2 GDP numbers that were released last week, this manufacturing boost was welcome news. The President of the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) was on Bloomberg News this week and sounded upbeat about how the manufacturing sector is poised to continue its upward trajectory.

He highlighted the safety measures that the factory floors had enacted to help control the virus outbreaks as a big reason for the boost. Workers are more confident of heading back to the production sites and as a result, companies are strapped for talent. As demand continues to climb, the need for more workers will become more challenging. Overall, a good problem to have. 

Another interview from the CEO of Brunswick seconded the labor challenge. As demand for all types of boats has skyrocketed, their company has been struggling to fill positions. They are creatively working to attract the skill set they need from the factory floor to the office floor. Again, a much better problem than having to furlough employees.

These trends are consistent with the Procurement job openings that are being posted on our job board. There are exciting opportunities in the food and pharma sectors, along with industrial and discrete manufacturing clients. It’s heartening to see roles from Buyer and Manager to Director and VP popping up across the country. 

We’re continuing to get the word out to everyone in our function to sign up and keep an eye on Procurement Spark. We’re constantly updating with exciting opportunities. 


Naseem and Aaron